"The natural Body Creams  Henderson Manor Gardens offer are a blessing to me. I suffer with arthritis and using their Muscle and Joint pain therapy cream really helps to relieve pain." - Judy S


A Natural Healing Place

Your  herbal seasoning rubs are  perfect for pork and venison; it adds a  flavor  unlike any thing I have experienced.  It really enhances the flavor of my wild game dishes. - Sarah F

Welcome to Your Natural Healing Place

Henderson Manor Gardens is a source of healing, offering the finest natural and organic remedies at affordable prices.  We strive to focus on providing products that assists the body in healing itself naturally. Our philosophy is God has designed and provided what we'd need to heal our bodies before we were born (Hebrews 6:7); therefore, we need to take full advantage of his design.


Natural remedies make use of herbs, food, essential oils, and other simple ingredients that are sometimes sitting in our kitchen cabinet.  This would mean they are often a less expensive option for dealing with our ills. We suggest instead of running to a quick fix with a pill, try heading straight towards the kitchen the next time you feel a sickness coming on!  Try relying on simple wisdom, common sense, and pantries well stocked with herbal remedies.