Henderson Manor Gardens originated from a small farm in Alabama and we have always strived to focus on providing product that assists the body in healing itself naturally.

Our products are made from plants and herbs grown in kitchen gardens or are gathered from the fields and woods surrounding our farm.  Our home herbal remedy collection is our own small way of working to protect nature and preserve the knowledge of our grandmothers, Mamas, and Madea's for future generations. Try exploring the natural world of herbs and spices and live a simpler and healthier life.

As an independent herb growing farm, we take a great deal of care and time researching the products we offer. Our belief is if we won't use it or endorse it then we can't offer it. This line of thinking speaks to our core and is one reason why our customers love us. We practice honesty and offer quality and affordable products.

It is important that we take this time to state that whenever possible we suggest you utilize natural healing options, but of course, this is not always possible with serious or life-threatening conditions. We encourage you to always seek the advice of a licensed medical professional before discontinuing and/or tapering your medications to take any natural remedy.



"I love the line of natural  therapy creams HMG offers.  I have tried their muscle and joint pain therapy for my knees.  My grand daughter loves their acne cream.  Tracy M

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