What do you do if your child has a hard time falling asleep, concentrating in school, or suffered from allergies?

 Most children are filled with energy and sometimes they do not have the opportunity during the day to burn that energy. They are usually sedentary on their electronic devices or in class rooms.  If a child does not have a venue to burn energy during the day, they will most surely stay up too late at night trying to do just that.  Give your child an exercise routine before bed.  If exercise or some sort of play time does not work.  Feed them natural foods that will induce sleep such as field peas or red beans and rice cooked with chicken broth or smoked turkey.  Add an 8 oz cup of ​​chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey and they are out like a light.

If your child has problems concentrating or staying awake and have not been diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder, there are natural ways to assist them in developing stamina.  Take as much sugar out of their diet as you can.  In the mornings instead of pumping them full of sugared cereal and orange juice, give them a glass of green tea that you brewed yourself not that prepackage crap in the grocery stores.  Sweeten it with honey and add fresh peppermint leaves.

If your child suffers with seasonal allergies you might try an (8 oz) mixture of raw apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of local honey (keep refrigerated).  Just before the change of the seasons, give the child two tablespoon in the morning and two tablespoons at night before going to bed for 7 days.  It will be palatable.  Don’t give to children under 6 years old.

As far as food allergies, I do not give suggestions due to the current variability of the industry’s food growing process.  If you don’t grow it yourself, you cannot be sure if chemical fertilizers and growth hormones are used.  Let me know if this info was helpful at naturalhealing@hendersonmanorgardens.org

How HMG promote natural healing?

Our bodies are constantly exposed to unnatural substances that deplete us of the proper nutrients and destroys the harmony we should have with nature and our mind-body and spirit.  Due to the constant consumption and use of these altered substances, our bodies have become open sores.  Diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, obesity, and inflammation are all the result of unnatural substances being pumped into our systems.  Over time, HMG has noticed that people as a whole have become out-of-sync with the natural path of life.   God has equipped us with what is needed to nourish and heal us naturally and it would be a great gift to our bodies if we ventured back to His design. 
The industry has conditioned us to respond to instant gratification.  However, remedies that are instant usually yield temporary results.  Healing your body involves a molecular process which allows our cells and tissues to be nourished.  Our natural herbal products are designed to promote healing despite your chemical dependency.  Upon starting our lotion and cream therapies we suggest that you drink plenty water and cleansing teas to flush the body and continue to take the medication that has been prescribed by your physician (by mouth and/or intravenously).  As you use our products as directed you will begin to feel and see the difference in your health.  At that time, allow your physician to taper your chemical meds until you are free from its dependency and are healed. 
We advise you to communicate with your physician because frequently our bodies become addicted to the chemicals that are prescribed to us.  Usually, if you take medications on a regular basis you are already addicted within a 4-week time period.  Dropping long-term chemical medications abruptly without professional supervision will cause your body to have withdrawal symptoms and worsen your condition.  HMG would like your healing experience to be natural and wonderful.
When using HMG products, be sure to drink plenty of water and stretch your body as much as possible.  (Click Here)